How to Create Dynamic Apache HADOOP Project using Maven in Eclipse

Steps for creating dynamic HADOOP Project using maven in eclipse.

1.) How to add Hadoop Maven Catalog.

A.) Go to Windows -> Preferences and click.


B.) Select Maven -> Click on Archetypes.


C.) Click on Add Remote Catalog -> Type below details in blank columns.

Catalog File :

Description : Maven Catalog


2) Go to New -> project-> Maven Project and click on next




3.) Select Catalog as : Maven Catalog.
    Please put following text in filter : hadoop


4.) We need to put group id and artifact id here.

Let me tell you more about group id and artifact id.

Group id : It uniquely identifies your project among all. So it may be something like com.hadoopgyaan

Artifact id : It is name of jar or war without version. it may be something like project, so here we have put artifact id as WeatherReport.


5.) Click Finish.

I hope this tutorial will surely help you. If you have any questions or problems please let me know.
Happy Hadooping with Patrick..

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